Straight -6 AN to Metric M14x1.5 Adapter Fitting
  • Straight -6 AN to Metric M14x1.5 Adapter Fitting
  • Straight -6 AN to Metric M14x1.5 Adapter Fitting
  • Straight -6 AN to Metric M14x1.5 Adapter Fitting
  • Straight -6 AN to Metric M14x1.5 Adapter Fitting
  • Straight -6 AN to Metric M14x1.5 Adapter Fitting
Price: $5.35
Brand: Phenix Industries
Model PHE-A6439
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

Phenix Industries offers an extensive line of light weight aluminum adapters designed for leak-proof sealing with any manufacturers hose ends. Made in USA.


Limited Warranty


All products are sold with a one year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. These parts are designed to be used off-road by professional crews in the field of racing. This warranty will not exceed the original purchase price of the goods. Any defective parts should be returned to dealer where purchased. This warranty does not apply to any products subject to damage in transit, accident or misuse or abuse following the date of original purchase.  Phenix Industries and will not be liable for loss, damage, or injury from the use of these products. Racing by the nature of the business is a dangerous pursuit and the user is responsible for determining the suitability of the product and assumes all responsibility for its use.


Phenix Industries


   Phenix Industries is a US manufacturer of performance automotive aftermarket products. Our goal is to design higher quality, better performing, and affordable fluid control products for use in the automotive, racing, and hydraulic industries. Phenix is a family owned company with a passion for racing. CEO Bill Paddock has been involved in racing for over 40 years and has watched the sport evolve in both speed and safety. He has been involved in numerous facets of motorsports from NASCAR, Drag, Road-Race, and Off-Road, and currently has a collection of vintage Indy and NASCARs which he and his wife race. As a driver and “crew chief,” Bill saw the opportunity to improve driver safety and convenience when presented with manufacturing a new style of locking fittings. In addition, Phenix is continually introducing high quality performance plumbing products for the racing industry.


 Many manufacturers sell through rep firms and/or wholesale distributors. By the time it makes it to the shelf, it’s been marked up several times so everyone gets their cut. That’s where we’re different. Phenix sells directly to those in the performance and aftermarket industry who are both selling and installing our plumbing on their projects.


We value the personal relationships and opportunities our customers have brought us. From project cars, to racers, to record holders, we’ve been involved in many projects in the performance market. And having that kind of personal relationship with direct feedback helps guide the kinds of products we offer and new innovations we come out with.


Phenix wants to hear from our dealers and customers. If you are using our plumbing on a project, we want to know about it! Do you have pictures, a blog, videos; let us know. We love to support the people that are supporting us.


Made in USA!

Lately there’s a growing demand for products Made in the USA, and for good reason. One being the economic impact, another being the quality of goods we’re purchasing. Phenix is committed to producing American made Performance Plumbing products with these thoughts in mind.


We like the idea we’re creating jobs here at home. Machinists, sales people, accountants, warehousing and shipping people; we don’t outsource overseas. And not only do we choose in-house labor, but we purposely work with vendors that share our philosophy and values for American made products.


The other part of the equation is quality control. When products are outsourced from overseas, you cannot guarantee the materials or a skilled workforce have gone into making your Performance Plumbing. Phenix can guarantee it, because we have our hands on it throughout production. From machining, to anodizing or polishing, laser marking and packing, we check and re-check to maintain our high standards of quality.


Phenix is proving you don’t have to sacrifice safety and quality for price. Why not have both? Our plumbing is affordable, track-proven, and made in the USA.


Innovation in Plumbing


   There hasn’t been a lot of developments in AN plumbing since it was first introduced. Until Phenix entered the market with an award-winning, locking AN design. Since our flagship product launched, we’ve not only introduced a full line of plumbing but also a wide variety of finishes previously unavailable and innovative new designs, including Teflox®.


Some of the things that set Phenix apart include manufacturing adapters out of aircraft quality aluminum, smooth contoured hose ends for increased efficiency in fluid transfer, the use of PTFE to create a locking sealing surface, and many other features. Being a company that not only manufactures plumbing, but uses them on our own vehicles, we understand the unique requirements and challenges that go along with fluid transfer. Some of our main concerns include: 1.) Safety 2.) Performance and 3.) Ease of use.  


Safety is always priority in a high performance vehicle. You can’t afford to have a line come loose and risk malfunction or even fire. With this in mind, we created a locking fitting that can be safety wired for extra security. By manufacturing out of 6061 and 2024 aircraft-grade aluminum, we’ve created a stronger more capable adapter. We’ve also designed adapters with a PTFE seal to keep fittings from inadvertently loosening during extreme use.


Performance is key to many of our customers. Whether off-road or drifting, they’re pushing their vehicles to the limits. With that in mind, we develop plumbing products that are made to be pushed to their limit. For instance, a standard black braided-nylon hose typically only withstands an average 200-300 PSI, but with a Phenix stainless reinforced inner core it averages over 600 PSI. Another customer favorite is the smooth contoured interior of our adapters which are designed for improved fluid flow.


We have heard countless times from our customers how easy our products are to use and assemble, especially compared to competitors products which they previously used. Because we manufacture fittings to AN specification, rather than cutting corners to save cost on machining and materials, our products assemble and function the way they’re supposed to. Our superior compression hose ends are lightweight, one-piece billet tube with full swivel construction.


These are just some of the current advantages we bring to our product line, with future ideas and materials already in the works.

AN Size -6 AN
Finish Black Anodized Aluminum
Finish Blue Anodized Aluminum
Metric Size M14x1.5
Fitting Type Straight AN to Metric Adapter

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